‘Booty on the Floor’ by Marc Mysterio: Worst Boston Marathon Dedication Ever?

Quite possibly.

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In cased you missed it (because the Herald did not), there’s a new hip hop single making the rounds that’s dedicated to Boston. It’s called “Booty on the Floor,” and it’s “a collaboration by” Flo Rida and Marc Mysterio. All proceeds from purchases of the single on Beatport are promised to the One Fund Boston, which—don’t get me wrong—is super nice, except for the fact that the song is super awful, and did I mention? It’s called “Booty on the Floor.”

Fine. Everyone creates and feels in his or her own way. Emerson students make T-shirts (#BostonStrong). Amanda Palmer writes controversial poetry (“Letter to Dzhokhar”). Bruce Springsteen and the Dropkick Murphys also make music (they released a Boston Charity EP). Fine!

But come on. Marc Mysterio couldn’t find any rap song with any better lyrics to sample for a Boston Marathon dedication? He just had to pick a line out of Flo Rida’s 2010 song “Respirator”? The original song is about (you guessed it!) telling a girl to put her booty on the floor.

In a press release, Mysterio is quoted: “‘Put your booty on the floor’ is a paraphrased way to say ‘call to action’ and ‘get in gear’ which honors the heroes that gave everything on the dime to help the wounded.”

Yeah, everyone definitely sees things differently.

As far as Flo Rida’s actual involvement, there isn’t much. While the releases in my inbox say that Flo Rida tweeted support for the single, what they really mean to say is that Flo Rida tweeted about the Boston Marathon the day of the bombing, but the message had nothing to do with this gross reinterpretation of one of his songs. By all means, buy the single if you genuinely like it (it’s only $2.49), but please, let’s not mar the fine reputation of Flo Rida, the man behind “Low,” “Club Can’t Handle Me,” and “Wild Ones.”

Here’s the video for “Booty on the Floor,” to aide in your contemplation. (Gotta love that Ken Burns pan toward the silhouette’s booty.)

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