ABC Family Produces New Martha’s Vineyard-Based Reality Show, The Vineyard

The network produced a reality show that will premiere next month about teenagers living *dramatic* lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

the vineyard abc family cast

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Get ready, nostalgic Laguna Beach fans. ABC Family produced your latest summer indulgence this year and it takes place in the ever-glorious location of Martha’s Vineyard. According to ABC Family, this docu-series (excuse me?), titled The Vineyard, cast 11 young folks living on the island for a summer of “new friends,” “new rivals,”, “tight quarters,” “trouble,” and “romance.”

The cast—Lou D’Agostino, Ben Rossi, Sophi Alvarez, Cat Todd, Jackie Lyons, Katie Tardif, Jonathan Franco, Emily Burns, Taelyr Robinson, Gabby LaPointe, and Daniel Lipshutz—is a combination of both island locals and proclaimed “wash-ashores” (or yuppies who are only in town for a few months in the summer). The program will also show the vineyard’s famous Black Dog Tavern. Of the 11-person cast is a pre-med student, a Latin pop princess, “a guy who wants to turn his passion for throwing parties into a career,” and “a wannabe writer prone to falling for the wrong guy,” according to EW.

Although this show seems far from riveting—perhaps a healthy East Coast take on Laguna Beach—The Vineyard  may be an appeasing change for natives of Massachusetts, at least in terms of locally based reality shows. Between the train wrecks that were Southie Rules and Wicked Single, this show may offer a new (it’s too early to say better) representation of our fine state. But before you go scheduling your DVR, save this one for the—ahem—less sophisticated crowd. In other words, if you’ve ever indulged in Seth Cohen’s Chrismukkah on The OC, followed the downfall of Speidi on The Hills, or sided Team Kristin over Team L.C. on Laguna Beach, then absolutely stay tuned for The Vineyard. Otherwise, keep on keeping up with The Kardashians (or something).

ABC Family’s The Vineyard premieres on July 23 at 10 p.m. Check out an exclusive trailer for the series at

July 11, 10 a.m.: It's "Team Kristin" not "Team Kristen." We regret the error.

  • looseyloo67


  • Keira

    Im shocked at how this was casted. I’ve been going to MV since I was a little girl and the best thing about this vacation community is the diversity. Why they cast a bunch of all white yuppies is truly disheartening…I will NOT be watching.

    • patrick

      their is a latina and african american get your facts straight

      • Jewel K Benn

        *there and oooh big deal, two people. That makes it sooo diverse omg.

  • meg

    it’s *Kristin! 😉

  • ………..

    Awfull!!!!! All this show is is a pathetic wanna be of the hills!!!! I live on the east coast and am discussed with everything about this show! From the actors to the scrips to the filming! Did they really only study the first reality show ever when they went to school!?!!???!???! The hills is over n no u will not recreate it so stop now… awfull awfull awfulll ……. im almost positive that i could predict line line …… so sad…..

  • Rowdy

    Dave has cauliflower ears. What a tool…gross.

  • Madi

    Worst show I have ever seen!! Do not try and recreate the hills it will never happen!

  • Ashlee Williss

    The Vineyard plays great music from up & coming artists! I have a song on the 3rd episode 🙂 Listen free here:

  • Chelsea Sylva

    Worst show I’ve seen. It’s supposed to be played as a “reality” show but it’s clearly so staged. Couldn’t even make it through a half of an episode

  • kristinajp

    I actually like this show….it does remind me of an East Coast version of the Hills without all the serious drama but then again, I think the Martha’s Vineyard people shouldn’t be the type to be bringing out the claws…they should be a little more “upscale”…