Kim Kardashian Wants to Go to Harvard

She found it “very Harry Potter” when she visited this weekend, according to VH1.

If you are the kind of person inclined to know these things, then surely you already heard that Kim Kardashian was here in Cambridge this weekend to watch her fiancé Kanye West deliver a lecture at the Harvard School of Design. We remind you only because your brain may have repressed any and all “Kimye” news after watching them motorcycle-hump their way across a a Teletubby sky yesterday.

Anyway, Kardashian apparently liked what she saw in Cambridge, according to possibly-not-made-up sources of VH1’s Gossip Table. “Going to Harvard with Kanye really opened up her eyes,” VH1’s Naughty But Nice Rob reports. “She would love to enroll at the school and get a great education. It is something that Kanye supports.” He adds that she found it all “very Harry Potter.”

But before you lace up your stalking shoes, know this: “The couple will not be moving to Boston but Kim is looking into taking classes at home …”

This all makes sense when you remember the long tradition of celebrities collecting non-traditional Harvard degrees like endorsement deals. There was Tyra Banks, Hillary DuffElle Woods… So taking some Harvard edX classes online from the cozy privacy of your home reality TV show set seems like a fine option. What does Kim need the credentials for? She’s a whole lot richer than everyone laughing at this story right now. Nah, she just needs to take a class or two. Maybe “Poetry in America: Whitman” will resonate with her. “Shall I build up a lofty name,” young Walt once wrote, after all…

… And seek to have the nations known

What conscious might dwells in the brain

That throbs aneath this brow?

What conscious might does throb aneath Kim’s brow? We should probably all find out.

  • redsongia

    Do what all the other bimbos do; take night classes at the extension school and tell everyone you went to Harvard.

    • ck

      hey, don’t knock the extension school! some of the classes there are taught by real Harvard professors and are really hard (e.g. organic chemistry).

    • dennehypr

      That’s not nice. I’m not a bimbo and I took a night class at the extension school and really enjoyed the whole experience.


    taking courses online does not mean you went to Harvard

  • Millicent Broderick

    Hey, my sistah went to Harvard – took a Mixology course there. Very comprehensive and she can make a mean martini! 😮 )

  • Phaerisee

    If Kim gets into Harvard I get to be QB of the Patriots.