The Donnie Wahlberg Twitter Dictionary, Volumes 1 and 2

Rise & Grind! #HumpDay!

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Shirts? What shirts? / @DonnieWahlberg

Not since he got in a Twitter fight with himself has Donnie Wahlberg so impressed us with his social-media savvy. The New Kid on the Block finds the perfect outlet for his outgoing personality on Twitter, where the Blue Bloods actor shares unfiltered snippets of his day-to-day life. Most recently, he’s been sharing his Twitter Dictionary, a totally unofficial collection of vocab lessons on all things Twittersphere-related.

Approaching 45,000 tweets, Wahlberg uses the social media outlet to communicate with more than half a million followers, whether they are lifelong “Blockheads” (NKOTB lovers, called “BHs” for short) or new fans who watch him on the new show Wahlburgers.

Unlike other celebs who give minimal attention to their Twitter following—*cough* Mark *cough* Ben Affleck *cough* Matt Damon (who isn’t even on a Twitter) *cough*… Compared to them, Wahlberg’s 140-character antics have become legendary.

Below, check out Volumes 1 and 2 of Donnie Wahlberg’s Twitter Dictionary (Volume 3 has been promised “soon”). It really makes you wonder: What would the world be like if this “Eternal Twoptomist” ran the world? Hmm, perhaps every morning would go something like, “Rise & Grind! … #HumpDay! … [Insert shirtless selfie here.]”

Donnie Wahlberg’s Twitter Dictionary, Volume 1