Whitey Bulger Biopic Black Mass to Hold Casting Call This Weekend

Now is your chance to *shine* alongside Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger.

Do you live in the greater Boston area? Would you like to (basically) become the next Matt or Ben? Are you a man, woman, or child of any ethnicity that also looks like an Italian or Irish “wise guy”?

Fabulous. Because the new major biopic based on Whitey Bulger, Black Mass, is coming to town this weekend to hold an open casting call. Yes, that’s right. You can audition for a potential speaking role for a major feature film—and maybe work with Johnny Depp as Whitey.

According to CP Casting & Acting Studio’s posting, the casting call will be held both Saturday and Sunday, April 12 and 13, from 1 to 6 p.m. at the Boston Teacher’s Union / Carson Place, 180 Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester. Funny enough, the posting is very general, yet very specific in terms of who and what the film is looking for. The posting reads:

Background extras and speaking roles needed for a feature film that will shoot in Boston May 19 thru August 1. We are looking for men, women, & children of all ethnicities and types. ITALIAN WISE GUYS, IRISH TOUGH GUYS, POLITICIANS, SOUTHIE ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY, PEOPLE WITH CARS FROM THE 70’S/80’S TO REPRESENT BOSTON IN THE 1970’s AND 80’s.

This essentially looks like anybody can audition, whether you have acting experience or not. But if you look like Al Pacino, that would probably be better.

What else do you need to know? Being in line when the doors open doesn’t make your chances any better, just show up if/when you can. Also, you don’t need to prepare. They may ask you to read a line or two if they think it’s appropriate (or if you look like Al Pacino).

And finally, casting wants you to know that they will be filming between May 19 and July 30. And most of the movie will “shoot Monday thru Friday during the day when daytime scenes are filmed and at night when night scenes are filmed.” As if that wasn’t straightforward enough.

For more specific (and LOL-worthy) info check out the CP Casting’s direct posting. See you there!

  • James Michael Brogna

    I grew up on marshall st. Winter Hill,Somerville.My unkle is Howie Winter,my aunt is Ellen Brogna.They used to visit all the time when Iwas a kid so did their friends.I’m.irish /italian, my name is James (Jamie) Brogna would love a part in the flick.I live out in Phoenix right now but would come back.

  • Bill Brown

    Drove Debbie Davis with her cousin Stevin, He hit me on the head with a redsox penit bat and we became friends 1975 +/- have funny storie about that, would be great for movie.
    I look like Martin Shean, even better.
    I was a Jet, Whisky Point Gang Brookline. When your a jet you are a jet all the way, from your first cigrett to your last dying day. Jets beat it!

  • Eric Shepard

    My name is Eric Shepard. I was born and raised in a city twenty minutes outside of Boston. My friend and I are coming to the audition tomorrow. I’m Italian and Irish with a pretty thick Boston accent. I have a shaved head with a lot of tattoos. I guess you would say I look like an MMA fighter. I actually trained as one for a while. I’m really looking forward to the audition tomorrow. I’m bringing my A-game so I hope everyone is ready.

    • Charms434

      We’ll then you aren’t gonna look like your from the 70s or 80s. Ps as a fighter myself. What exactly does an mma fighter look like? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • james rakes

    my name is jimmy rakes stippos nehpew i grew up in charlestown and im looking to get in on the movie. ill be at the auditon

  • james rakes

    hey i couldnt make hope some one sees these i filled out the cp page online as james k.

  • lucheen

    Anyone else worried about Johnny Depp as Whitey? Don’t see him pulling it off. Found it hard to swallow him as the drug kingpin in “Blow”.