Happy New Kids on the Block Day!

Here’s a look back at the most absurd dance moves our favorite boy band has put out there.

On April 24, 1989, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared this day as the best day of your childhood’s life—a.k.a. “New Kids on the Block Day.” Yes, this is a thing. And yes, we’re going to celebrate it.

While *NSYNC was pretty important and now One Direction is taking over the planet, it’s important that we acknowledge New Kids on the Block as the original boy band that set examples for its successors. And by examples, I mean dance moves. From the “Step by Step” days all the way up until the recent NKOTBSB situation, these guys are still movin’ strong. As a tribute on this honorary day, here are some of the best dance moves provided by NKOTB throughout the past 25 years. Let’s begin:


Here are the New Kids dancing in the “Step by Step” video. This is the original choreography that said “we stand in a line and do synchronized dances”:

New Kids on the Block


Here’s another black-and-white shot (which is confusing, the ’80s weren’t that long ago) from “The Right Stuff,” in which young tot Joey mouths the lyrics:

New Kids on the Block


Ah, “Summertime” from 2008. This is their first single from their sensational comeback:

New Kids on the Block


And here they are in 2009, still dancing in that same line, doing moves like this (from “Single” with Ne-Yo):

New Kids on the Block


And finally, they left the dancing to Donnie in NKOTB’s most recent video “Remix (I Like The)“:

New Kids on the Block


On a final note, I propose a crucial question. When doing my NKOTB research, the natural boy band enthusiast that lives inside me began to wonder: who was/is the heartthrob of the group? McIntyre seems like the obvious choice with those baby blues, floppy hair, boyish charm, etc. But then again, back in the day Jordan seemed like the frontrunner and that usually holds some significance when attracting immature romantic feelings. But now I doubt myself again because Danny Wood currently looks like a model from a body-building catalogue. So I ask…

POLL: Who Is NKOTB’s Biggest Heartthrob? (Please choose carefully.)


  • Raven

    Thank you for such a great article! Short, sweet, and to the point! Love my 5 Bad Brothers from the Beantown Land! <3

  • pogo56

    There was a group called the Jackson 5, don’t forget….

    • Guest

      The Jackson 5 and the Osmond Brothers are the original boy bands, choreographed dance routines and all. The Osmond Brothers are still going strong after 50 yrs. :)

      • Deborah W Halasz

        Actually they weren’t. Neither the Jackson 5 nor the Osmond Brothers were manufactured bands like NKOTB, N*Sync, BSB, etc. So yes, their dance moves and songs certainly inspired the boy bands, but NKOTB was really the first boyband. Even New Edition started out as their own group before they were made into New Edition by Maurice Starr.

        • pogo56

          Actually the Jackson 5 was a manufactured band. They were manufactured by a guy named Joe Jackson. NKOTB was a singing group, not a band. I don’t think any of them played a musical instrument…and that’s what people in bands do, play musical instruments…

          • Raven

            Actually, ALL of them played their own instruments, and wrote many of their own songs. They even used to take time out at each of their concerts and play their instruments during introductions. That was one of my favorite parts. :)

  • Isabel Ferrell

    love them so much I’m a jordan girl myself but any of them deserve to win love my 5 bean town men much love from az kisses

  • Deborah W Halasz

    Only thing is that NKOTB is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, not their 25th.

  • Amy Greenwald

    Very nicely written. NKOTB deserve to be in a positive light in the media frenzied world. They have been denied respect and honorable mentions for far too long. This is the year of their 30th Anniversary…and there’s gonna be one HELL of a party!

  • Lorena Cobas