Rumor Has It Matt Damon Might Play Aquaman in Justice League

He could be the Aqua-Matt to Ben’s Batfleck.

Rumors abound about who’ll play who now that Warner Bros. has announced that Batman vs. Superman will be followed by a Justice League movie.

The latest WTF moment? A rumor that “Matt Damon is being sought to play Aquaman,” according to the Wrap.

And you thought Batfleck was bad. It’s one thing for best buddies Damon and Ben Affleck to make fun of themselves over Affleck’s casting as Batman in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel—they joked in a charity promotion last year that Damon wanted to play Robin, and it was funny.

But Aquaman?

Let us take a moment to picture Aqua-Matt chumming it up with Flipper, flirting with Ariel, and jabbing a narwhal Jason Bourne-style right on the nose. Adam Sandler as Scuba Sam would be more convincing.

Boy, is Jimmy Kimmel going to have a field day with this one.

But then again, at least Damon’s charity is called…

Fortunately, Justice League isn’t expected to come out until at least 2017, which gives Warner Bros. a fair amount of time to make the right casting decisions.

In the meantime, what do you think?

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