Here’s Your First Look at Ben Affleck As Batman

Zack Snyder tweeted a photo of Batfleck with his Batmobile.

Everybody, remain calm—director Zack Snyder has tweeted the first photo of Ben Affleck in his Batman costume next to the Batmobile.

Our first look at the caped crusader comes after nearly a year of mystery, heartbreak, and outrage. Since the announcement last summer that Affleck would portray Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, fans were quick to pick up their digital pitchforks and express anger on social media. There were petitions, there were GIFs, and there were Good Will Hunting parodies.

But as time went on, people started to accept what they could not fight. Despite rumored story lines that made no sense when compared to Warner Bros.’s previous Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan, the public seems to have slowly come around—and this latest reveal from Snyder is just what the tease-doctor ordered.

How do you like them veiny abs and biceps? Ah, 2016 just can’t come soon enough.

  • Mark Miller

    Thankfully Ben will spend at least half the film “in costume” allowing the mask, the suit and the darkness to hide his lackluster acting skills. However as Bruce Wayne….all bets are off.

    • gokhanbas

      We’ll I’m guessing you haven’t seen “The Town” or “Argo”

      • Mark Miller

        No offense intended to you or any other “Ben” fans, I am not one(a Ben Fan), and don’t think he is a great actor. Not up in arms that he got this role….just not a fan, and wouldn’t particularly go to see a movie JUST because he was in it as I might for other actors whose skills I appreciate. I do like the Batman franchise and would probably eventually watch this regardless of who took the role.