Ben Affleck Talks to EW About Gone Girl, Batfleck Haters

Oh good, another creepy Gone Girl cover shot by David Fincher himself.


Cover Images via EW by Martin Schoeller (Robin Williams) and David Fincher (Gone Girl).

The August 22/29 double issue of Entertainment Weekly—which hits newsstands this Friday—has two covers: one of Robin Williams and the other of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Affleck and Pike appear dressed as their characters Nick and Amy in Gone Girl, a highly anticipated film adaption opening in theaters October 3.

The lead item in EW’s fall movie preview, the feature offers new insight into what audiences can expect from Gone Girl, based on the bestselling novel by former EW writer Gillian Flynn.

The cover itself, showing Affleck as Nick Dunne in a suit and Pike as Amy Dunne in her wedding gown, shot by Gone Girl director David Fincher, was inspired by a People magazine cover of Scott and Laci Peterson. Inside, the opening image to the story shows the same photo, with the bride’s face shattered like a broken glass picture frame. The mysterious image with a hint of violence echoes the plot of Gone Girl, in which Amy goes missing and her husband Nick becomes the primary suspect. Fincher also shot an earlier Gone Girl cover for EW with a very haunting image of Nick lying beside Amy’s corpse on an autopsy table.

In the story, the cast and crew discuss the making of the forthcoming film, including Fincher’s unique casting choices, and even how Affleck and Pike went a little bit method with their on-set relationship. “It’s such a complicated relationship, I didn’t want to get too relaxed around Ros,” Affleck tells EW.

In a web extra, EW also shares parts of the conversation with Affleck about his other big role coming up, Batman. Despite the perpetual Batfleck hate, he says, “You know what? It’s great that people do care that much.”

So then, naysayers, do feel free to keep throwing your hands in the air and shouting, “Noooooooooo!”


The August 22/29 issue of EW hits newsstands on Friday. The fall movies preview also includes stories on The Equalizer and The Judge, both filmed in Massachusetts; The Drop, based on a Dennis Lehane story; and Foxcatcher, a much buzzed-about movie starring Steve Carell.