Alyssa Giacobbe'S latest stories

Mixed Media

Portobello Road co-owner Kristina Lyons’s ­Brookline closet, much like her home, is a scrapbook of the places she’s been.

Fifty Shades of White

A lakeside New Hampshire cottage becomes one designer’s stunning blank canvas.

Pregnant Pause?

Striking numbers of expectant mothers are deciding that there's nothing wrong with the occasional drink of alcohol.

Space Shifter

A Newbury Street boutique finds beauty in its second act.

Bright Ideas

These bags make a statement. And that statement is: I will look incredibly good on your arm.

Found: The Perfect Corduroys

I’ve been looking for a pair of corduroys for years. Corduroys are inherently unflattering: a little bulky, saggy-seeming in all the wrong places. Sort of like sweatpants made to look like regular pants. Most stretch out within minutes of pulling…

Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 1: The Cat

As the hassles of the holidays begin to bear down, it’s important to plan your season wisely. And so this weekend, before the travel and relatives and debilitating amounts of food began, I set out intending to get a start…

More From the Annals of Recession Chic…

Turns out you don’t have to be up to your pocket-scarf in old money to dress like a classy WASP. The enduringly dapper Joe Ferrarro, once named by the Globe as one of Boston’s best dressed, dishes out candid advice…

Your Tuesday To-Do List

If you only do two things tomorrow, that’s fine. Just make them count. We’ll make it easy for you: 1. Vote for Barack! Unless you’d be happy to see Bostonista move to Switzerland, and you very well may be, please…

Bostonista Sweats It

EquiFit owner Alexandra Cherubini has fused two of her passions—riding and yoga—with the AgSilver CleanMat, a yoga mat that incorporates AgSilver, a powerful antimicrobial ingredient used on horses (yes, horses) to rid them of infection and rash. Woven throughout the…