Alexandra Hall'S latest stories

Cuba Libre by the Bay

An event planner throws a Duxbury bash that’s anything but ordinary.

Her Favorite Things

In Wellesley, a home becomes a showcase for a designer’s most treasured pieces.

Parenting in the Age of Trump

How did we get here?

Bow Ties, Recipes, and Lawsuits

For Christopher Kimball, life after America’s Test Kitchen is no piece of cake.

My Mom Ate My Homework

It’s summertime. So maybe we can stop overloading our kids with work?

Big Mother

Do you really want to oversee your kids’ every move?

Over-the-Top Preppiness

L.L. Bean gone wild in the Nantucket Wine Festival Grand Tasting Tent.

Red, White and Blue

Proof that the (awful) one-piece trend is alive and kicking here.

Nantucket Wine Festival Faux Pas

Pants that are busier than the island.

Tidbit: Oil Dependency 101

Calling these made-in-Maine EVOOs “fresh-tasting” is an understatement.