Alexandra Hall'S latest stories

Big Mother

Do you really want to oversee your kids’ every move?

Over-the-Top Preppiness

L.L. Bean gone wild in the Nantucket Wine Festival Grand Tasting Tent.

Red, White and Blue

Proof that the (awful) one-piece trend is alive and kicking here.

Nantucket Wine Festival Faux Pas

Pants that are busier than the island.

Tidbit: Oil Dependency 101

Calling these made-in-Maine EVOOs “fresh-tasting” is an understatement.

Tidbits: Razor Clams

ICOB's razor clams appetizer equals the very next best thing.

Tidbits: Gingerbread Sundae

It was October 1999, and Prince was nowhere in sight. There I was, loafing on one of the banquettes at Stephanie’s on Newbury which, at the time, had cornered the local sophisticated-comfort-food market. It wasn’t full-on holiday season yet, but…