Beer Drinking Report'S latest stories

Three Beers to Try Right Now

Get your hands on Smuttynose's Really Old Brown Dog, Magic Hat's Plus/Minus, and Brooklyn Monster Ale.

In Pursuit of Kate the Great

Can Portsmouth Brewery's sought-after brew really be THAT good? We decided to find out.

Outvoting 2 a.m. at The Hawthorne

There are lots of nice things to say about The Hawthorne, but the beer menu isn't necessarily one of them.

Jim Koch’s Holiday Miracle

Getting rid of the Cranberry Lambic from the Sam Adams winter mixer was a big, bold move.

Five Great Stouts for International Stout Day

There's nothing better than sitting back on a cold night with a pint of thick stout.

Fenway Park's Other Beer-Drinking Problem

The only thing worse than overpriced beer is a narrow, lousy selection of overpriced beer.

Fruity Beer Face

Why I'm swearing off fruit-flavored beers. Forever.

Pairing Tsingtao with Chinatown

What magic ingredient got me with Tsingtao? The water.

A Mixer Six-Pack of Summer Beers

With summer winding down, it's time to recap the beers that helped to make it especially great.

Using a Hall Pass at Meadhall

Maybe we’re a little skewed in our perception, but this place is downright awful.