Beer Drinking Report'S latest stories

American Craft Beer Fest, Part II

Or, will our intrepid hero make it out alive?

American Craft Beer Fest, Part I

We find out just how much beer one man armed with a 2-ounce cup can drink.

Q&A with Rob Widmer

The co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing company lets the beer speak for itself.

Hangover III: Too Much IPA

I try to have only a couple before switching to something lighter ... but that doesn't always happen.

Sweet on the Speakeasy

I’m talking Congress Street – close to Southie. Brick building. Basement level entrance. No sign out front.

Craft Beer On A Budget

Mr. X looks back on the expensive week that was Craft Beer Week.

Craft Beer Week

Mr. X celebrates with lagers and IPAs, plus a roundup of craft beer events.

Wolaver's Rolls Out Wildflower Wheat

A Hefe this ain't.

Best Summer Beers

Narragansett debuts a summer ale in Tallboy cans.

Where's 2 A.M.?

An annotated history of Mr. X's drinking misadventures.