Scott Jones and Ben Wolfe

Ben got his PhD from Harvard and now is a post-doctoral fellow there with Rachel Dutton. He studies the microbes that give delicious flavors to cheese and other fermented foods. He is courted by cheese makers, salami producers, chefs, and hobbyists to understand the burgeoning world of fermented foods. He is a regular contributor to Lucky Peach magazine, and has been profiled in Mental Floss, Edible Boston, and the Boston Globe. Over the last two years, he has worked closely with Jasper Hill Farms in Vermont to understand the science and biology behind the development of their cheese. Scott works at No. 9 Park. He quit graduate school (he studied cancer biology at Harvard) to knock on doors of area restaurants, but he only wanted to work at one. A year after our engagement dinner at No. 9 Park, he started as a line cook, picking greens, and sweeping the floor during service. Today he is the chef de cuisine, writing the menus, hiring the staff, training those who show the same drive he did four years ago.

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