Corby Kummer

Corby Kummer, Contributing Editor at Boston Magazine

Critic Corby Kummer—an editor at The Atlantic and author of The Pleasures of Slow Food—has been reviewing Greater Boston's top restaurants for Boston magazine since 1997.

Corby Kummer'S latest stories

Dining Out: Vialé

The team here hopes to fill big shoes left by Rendezvous.

Dining Out: Comedor

Newton’s lively, Chilean-influenced bar/restaurant has plenty of unusual items to draw diners—but can it keep them coming back?

Dining Out: Fairsted Kitchen

When Mediterranean-leaning cuisine meets grandmother-chic décor, a cozy, friendly, and mostly cohesive neighborhood restaurant emerges.

Dining Out: Bastille Kitchen

Mistral’s Seth Greenberg strikes again with a Fort Point brasserie that’s a stunning, ambitious, and often uneven ride.

Dining Out: Commonwealth

Nookie Postal’s Kendall Square venture sometimes gets lost in the farm-to-table shuffle.

Dining Out: Hamersley’s Bistro

Corby Kummer bids Hamersley’s a proper farewell by taking stock of the bistro’s unprecedented success.

Dining Out: La Brasa

At La Brasa, chef Daniel Bojorquez cooks whatever he feels like. The result? A menu that’s as exciting as it is inconsistent.

Dining Out: Row 34

At Island Creek Oyster's new sibling, the fish is always fresh—and the simplest preparations show it off the best.

Dining Out: Alden & Harlow

The menu at chef Michael Scelfo’s new Cambridge restaurant is fresh and local, but that’s beside the point.

Dining Out: Bondir Concord

The new Bondir is just as earnest as the original, but the awkward-to-graceful ratio is much higher.