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Best Places to Live 2013: The Boom Is Back!

Boston’s housing market is sizzling again, and it’s a safe bet that things are only going to get hotter.

By the Numbers

Boston real estate stats like walk scores, graduation rates, average income, and more.

Starting Out

Sky-high prices may shut you out of the posh suburbs and gold-standard neighborhoods, but here are some great sleeper locations for first-time home buyers.

Best Places to Live: Moving Up

The second kid is on the way and your closets look like an episode of 'Hoarders.' You need more space, for sure.

Best Places to Live: Going Huge

You're the broker's white whale—but with great resources comes great responsibility…like figuring which swanky town to call home.

Cannabis Commerce

There's money to be made in medical marijuana.

A Web-Based Fight Against Bike Theft maps and tracks bicycle thefts around town.

Styrofoam Banned in Boston?

Is the city about to make the polystyrene foam containers illegal?

Cyclist Dies in Allston Intersection Everyone Knows is Dangerous

There was another fatal bike accident in Allston last night. Every time a cyclist dies, the response is reactionary as it is predictable: There’s the faction of people who say the streets aren’t safe and another faction who say the…

Snow Business

New Hampshire ski areas are gearing up for a big year—whether it snows or not.