Casey Lyons'S latest stories

Why I'm Voting in Favor of Question 3

It's bordering on immoral to hold the sick and suffering hostage just because we can't reach our kids.

Get This: Cycling is Safer in Bike Lanes

Painting a white line on the road decreases cycling-related hospital admissions by 50 percent.

City to Cyclists: Your Head Injury Is Your Fault

This ridiculously infuriating new ad campaign should come down right away.

Living Legacy

It's now possible to create a child from the eggs or sperm of a deceased partner, but should we?

Is This the End of the Car in Massachusetts?

The state is making a first-in-the-nation move away from automotive transportation.

Can $2.2 Million Buy a Harvard Education?

A lawsuit alleges an educational consultant took cash from an overseas couple but got them nothing.

Flying Will Now Be Slightly Less Humiliating

Logan's new body scanners take the sexy out of the security line.

Meet Franklin Park Zoo's Four Biggest Characters

The zoo will celebrate its 100th birthday this weekend.

If Bikes and Cars Can't Get Along, Make Them

It's time for the city to get more involved in protecting all of its road users.

Does Boston Need These Jacked-Up Duck Boats?