Eric Randall

Eric Randall


Eric joined Boston's digital team in 2012 after getting his start in web journalism at The Atlantic Wire, a sister site to The Atlantic Magazine in Washington, D.C. He is a native of Hingham and a graduate of Yale University where he studied history, wrote for The Yale Daily News, and introduced west coast transplants to the wonders of Dunkin Donuts.

Eric Randall'S latest stories

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As soon as reports emerged of a man breaking into homes to tickle sleeping people's feet, the hunt for a sobriquet was on.

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90 years ago, a president was born in Massachusetts.

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New trend alert.

Underground MBTA Cell Service Is Going to Improve

Get ready for more tweets about train delays.

MIT Wants to Furnish Your Tiny Apartment

The Media Lab's latest invention is a multi-purpose furniture unit.

The Restaurant Industry's Liquor License Debate

Gov. Patrick's proposal to lift the cap on licenses would spur new business but annoy current holders of liquor licenses.