Eric Randall

Eric Randall


Eric joined Boston's digital team in 2012 after getting his start in web journalism at The Atlantic Wire, a sister site to The Atlantic Magazine in Washington, D.C. He is a native of Hingham and a graduate of Yale University where he studied history, wrote for The Yale Daily News, and introduced west coast transplants to the wonders of Dunkin Donuts.

Eric Randall'S latest stories

The Old Herald Building Is Now a Whole Foods

The irony isn't 'wholly' lost on us.

'Roadrunner' Won't Be the Official State Rock Song

A last-ditch effort to get a vote on the bill seems to have failed.

BPD Officer Charged with Assaulting Uber Driver

The officer's alleged assault of an Uber driver comes at a decidedly tense time for police relations.

Clean Living

A new Charlestown real estate development was designed to solve a few problems you didn’t know you had.

People Will Exercise Their Freedom to Not See 'The Interview'

Now that a few area theaters will show the film.

Brockton Has a Layaway Angel

An anonymous man walked into a KMart in Brockton and put $3,000 toward the layaway accounts.

Christmas Lights Can Be Seen from Space

Boston, though, is obscured by snow.

Rajon Rondo Is Going to Texas

Mark Cuban reportedly finalized the trade from backstage at the Colbert Report.

Throwback Thursday

When JFK imposed an embargo on Cuba---but not before buying some cigars.

An Unlimited Monthly Movie Pass?

AMC Theaters is testing a monthly pass allowing people to see up to one movie per day for a single fee.