George Thrush'S latest stories

The New Filennium

At Filene's, we’re going from a train wreck to a celebration in one move.

Saving Cities With Community Colleges

Why we should locate community colleges in the core of under-populated, older cities.

A Big Pile of New Museums!

Lucky for us, almost $1 billion is going toward enhancing Boston's museums — in less than a decade.

We're Wasting Our Infrastructure

Why hide the infrastructure of our high-tech lives, instead of celebrating its inherent beauty?

Tear Down the Televisions!

TVs are just about everywhere in our lives, and this is not a uniformly good thing.

Could Boston’s Urban Ring Be Another High Line?

Like NYC, we could turn our detritus into a wonder.

Fenway Park: What Needs Preserving?

No, we don't have a championship team — but we do have the real deal when it comes to ballparks.

Casino? Casino!

If we're going to build the dang thing, let's at least get it right.

Minding the Gap

When you walk along Mass. Ave. and hit Boylston, what you don't see is a decent bit of streetscape.

Boston Harbor Islands Hopping

Why I'm on board with this completely New England style of island hopping.