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A-Walk Breaks Long Silence on Bookgate

I realize that expecting one of the Globe‘s last two remaining Metro columnists to break news and proffer an interesting perspective on the day’s events is expecting far too much, but today’s Adrian Walker column is sub-par, even for him….

Jake Not High; Drunk

Boston Firefighter Tony “Machine Gun” Gaston – the jake who was locked up after cops caught him “fishbowling” pot in his BFD vehicle, which was parked at a fire hydrant across from a day care center earlier this month –…

Tim Haslett Found Dead

Incredibly sad news out of Michigan today. Tim Haslett, a fixture in the Boston music scene for years, was found dead in his MSU apartment late last week. I had the pleasure of knowing Tim a bit, and always greatly…

A Dispatch from the Heart of St. Pat’s

Let me just say, first of all, that I’m Irished out. After the last three days, all I want to do is sit down to a plate of Pierogies and maybe reread Roshomon. But alas, it’s not to be. I…

Rogan Pits Rat Against Middle East

Stel’s on Newbury Street is hosting a Rogan trunk show today. On hand last night to kick off the event was the designer himself, Rogan Gregory, controversial winner of the 2007 CFDA award. Gregory brought along pieces from his men’s…

Globe to Kick Sidekick Aside?

The Globe just sent out an email to people on its marketing list, linking to a web survey. They do this fairly regulalrly, so that’s not news unto itself. However, this survey deals with Sidekick. Namely, the future of it….

Bailey Out at Globe

Adam Reilly just broke the news that star Business columnist Steve Bailey is leaving the Globe to take a job with Bloomberg in Europe. This is arguably the biggest blow to our local broadsheet in a series of big blows….

Breaking: Firefighter Busted for Weed

A 26-year veteran of the Boston Fire Department was booked on drug charges after cops busted him smoking pot in a BFD vehicle parked in front of a hydrant on a Dorchester street with two civilians inside the car. The…

Mayor Be Damned, Feeney Says All Systems Go

City Council President Maureen Feeney’s plan to host a citywide summit on civic engagement is getting very interesting. In January, she proposed the summit as a way to battle civic apathy, discuss best practices, and brainstorm some ideas about how…

MIT Craps on Martha

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to. It’s fantastic. Two MIT researchers go on Martha Stewart’s show with their new invention, the “Ketchup Crapper,” a remote-controlled monstrosity with, you guessed it, a ketchup bottle for an alimentary canal….