John Wolfson

John Wolfson

Editor at Large

John Wolfson is currently in his second stint with Boston. He was a writer and an editor at the magazine for more than four years before leaving in 2008 to become the editor of, a website dedicated to wealth management, philanthropy, and lifestyle. In the past, he has worked as a staff reporter at The Seattle Times and The Orlando Sentinel, and his writing has appeared in The New York Times, Wired, Legal Affairs, Middlebury, Consumers Digest, and other publications.

John Wolfson'S latest stories

Northern Exposure

Scott Brown has fled Massachusetts. Can he convince NH voters that he's one of them?

Sgt. Sean Murphy Retires from the State Police

The photographer who released the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev manhunt photos retires after 25 years with the force.


A change in roles here at the magazine.

Collier's Family Releases Statement in Support of Murphy

They call Murphy's motives "selfless," according to the statement.

Sean Murphy Relieved of Duty

The status of his duty will be reviewed next week.

The Real Face of Terror: New Photos of the Tsarnaev Manhunt

In response to the controversial Rolling Stone cover, new photos of Tsarnaev's capture emerge.

Behind Our May Boston Marathon Cover

We have been humbled the reception our May cover has received since we released it this morning.

Stirring the Pot

The back-story to this month's feature on Massachusetts' medical marijuana initiative.

Kiss Rick Gorka's Ass!

On the bus with Romney's foul-mouthed press secretary.

Kiss Rick Gorka's Ass!

On the bus with Romney's foul-mouthed press secretary.