Kara Baskin'S latest stories

Lofty Downtown Options

When Forecaster 121 opens in Bulfinch Triangle, we’ll have another neighborhood to call home.

Rent Yourself a Slice of Green

The New Van Ness offers more than the usual potted-plant decor.

App Du Jour: Bite Kite

The meal-prep-and-delivery company launched earlier this year.

Plagued by (Spatial) Problems?

Interior designer Kristina Crestin has solutions.

Best Places to Live 2015: Should I Renovate My Kitchen...?

Yes: Spend the money, get a quicker sale. No: Avoid the hassle, but accept the lower price.

Best Places to Live 2015: Cracking the New Town Code

If you’ve moved to a new town and your abode is hidden down a winding driveway, mingling is tough. How to break in without feeling like a middle schooler circling the cafeteria? Like any good Realtor would tell you, dress up what you’ve already got. Here’s how.

Best Places to Live 2015: How to Beat the Boom

Boston real estate may be a solid-gold bet, but buying and selling requires know-how. Here’s who’s in the game, where things are hot, and how to navigate the market to find your next home.

Best Places to Live 2015: Who's Buying What?

Five couples share their buying stories and why they ended up where they did.

Best Places to Live 2015: The Boom in Four Case Studies

How hot is it? An inside look at home sales in four hot markets.

Best Places to Live in Boston 2015: By the Numbers

Statistics about Boston's real estate market.