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Public vs. Private

Seven town vs. town comparisons to help you decide where to put down roots.

Bucolic Bliss

Fall is New England’s time to shine. Capitalize on the autumnal splendor at one of the region’s prettiest venues.

The Manners Maven

Modern wedding decorum can be mystifying. Snezana Pejic makes sense of assigned seating, social media, and B-list guests.

Best Places to Live: You Belong Here

Our annual rankings for buyers at every life stage.

Best Places to Live: Starting Out

Tired of brokering fridge space with a persnickety roommate? Time to get in the game.

Best Places to Live: Power Couple

For those who crave a swanky refuge close to the action.

Best Places to Live: Moving Up

Longing for a bigger lawn, spacious en suite, and two-car garage? If so, time to trade up.

Best Places to Live: Growing Family

The kids need a playroom, and you need a big kitchen.

Best Places to Live: Empty Nester

At long last, liberty! Schools and commute don't matter—all you need is a waterfront view.

How to Win a Bidding War

Mortgage broker Kevin Kuechler teaches you how to play to win.