Kaitlyn Johnston'S latest stories

Martha Coakley Is 'Cautiously Optimistic' About DOMA Arguments

The Supreme Court takes on the debate today.

Babson Selects First-Ever Female President

Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey starts on July 1.

Plymouth County Sheriff Gets Death Threats

Joe McDonald told a re-used and not very funny joke about Obama.

Gardner Heist Tips Roll In To FBI, Museum

But they won't elaborate on the number or nature of the tips.

Ben Affleck May Direct 'Bunker Hill'

Warner Bros. purchased the screen rights to the forthcoming book.

A Minute-By-Minute Look At The Gardner Museum Heist

An infographic breakdown of one of Boston's biggest mysteries.

BPD Tries to Get More Applicants

Officials say that it's hard to draw people into the profession.

Herald Fans the Flames of the Menino-Consalvo Rumor

"It's ridiculous," the mayor told the tabloid.

Judge Removed from Whitey Bulger Case

The ruling is a win for Bulger's defense.

Woman Scolds Caller for Fake Hostage Call

Good thing Shobha Menon didn't wire money to Puerto Rico.