Leah Mennies

Leah Mennies

Food Editor

Leah Mennies joins Boston magazine after spending a year covering the local food scene for NBC's lifestyle site The Feast. Her writing has appeared in The Improper Bostonian, The Boston Globe and Blackbookmag.com, among other publications. She also interned at Lucky Magazine, where she learned the high art of lugging garment bags around town in the pouring rain. She prefers beer to wine, icing to cake and Hebrew National hot dogs to Fenway Franks (sorry, guys).

Leah Mennies'S latest stories

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Long relegated to gimmicky-tourist-food status, fading New England standards are getting a new lease on life.

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We turn our attention to “on the half shell” variants.

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Untethered in recent years from the conventions of Italian cookery, the modern pasta dish has become a culinary wanderer of sorts.

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Let the record show: Forks are overrated, anyway.

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The city’s older, rarified destinations are attracting the modern diner in new ways—most notably through their amped-up bar areas.

The Cocktail Crossover

A taxonomical breakdown of some of the finest drinks in the city.

Covering the Spread

Elevate the classic chips-and-dip combo with pimiento cheese dip from Cutty's.

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Check out these nine great classic tall cakes available around town.

Firing Up the Base

Citizen Public House bartender John Mayer offers three autumn-appropriate elixirs—and professional-caliber recipes guaranteed to make them shine.