Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay is a frequent Boston contributor and the research editor of Home and Weddings. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, Yankee, and Premier Guitar.

Lindsay Tucker'S latest stories

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How the monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey built the first American Trappist brewery.

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Want your wedding to make a real impact? After the party’s over, donate everything from the bouquet to the buffet.

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Ceremony’s Alix Childs offers unique dresses from under-the-radar designers.

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A Vermont company practices the nearly forgotten technique of hand-forging.

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Toy Story

Take an inside look at the otherwordly work from Rhode Island artist Richard Whitten.

Linked-In Learning

Harvard’s new online classroom will combine the interactivity of a live seminar with the flexibility of online learning.

Chemical Reactionary

A new South End apothecary trades on toxin-free beauty.