Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay is a frequent Boston contributor and the research editor of Home and Weddings. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, Yankee, and Premier Guitar.

Lindsay Tucker'S latest stories

Linked-In Learning

Harvard’s new online classroom will combine the interactivity of a live seminar with the flexibility of online learning.

Chemical Reactionary

A new South End apothecary trades on toxin-free beauty.

Happy Feet

Two Massachusetts natives bring small-batch shoemaking back to New England.

Master Plan

BSA president-elect Tim Love talks architecture, planning, and the future of Boston.

Decoy Dynasty

One South Shore native continues a great American art form.

Indie-Scent Proposal

Stand out from the crowd with our favorite out-of-the-ordinary scents.

Indie-Scent Proposal, Part Deux

Two more spring scents to set you apart from the Chanel No. 5 crowd.

The Make-Up Artist

Wedded bliss takes work, according to therapist Karen Ruskin.

Dyed in Wool

Exquisite handwoven blankets are crafted right here on the coast of Maine.

Building Blocks

North Bennet Street School’s sixth president, Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, talks transformation and what’s in store for the institution.