Lisa Weidenfeld'S latest stories

More Public Art Is Coming from the ICA

It'll be displayed in the Seaport, naturally.

Almost All of Somerville's Homes Are Illegal

Under its own current zoning laws.

Behold, the New England Championship Tree Sculpture

Carved by chainsaw, obvs.

The BPL Picked a New President

Second time's the charm?

100 Awesome Beaches in Massachusetts

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BPL President Candidate Says No Thanks

She declined the position for personal reasons.

None of Us Can Spell Massachusetts

According to Google Trends.

Watch Rashida Jones Speak at Harvard

Those smart kids get all the cool perks.

B.J. Novak Gets Asked the Question We All Wonder

You know, the one about Mindy Kaling.

Barbra Streisand Is Coming

Will you be emotionally ready by August?