Megan Tripp

Digital Intern

Megan Tripp is a senior at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, and Publishing. She previously interned as an editorial assistant at The Pohly Company and is a blog editor for Your Magazine, an Emerson College lifestyle magazine.

Megan Tripp'S latest stories

Giving Sight To The Blind

Funded by opera superstar Andrea Bocelli, MIT researchers are developing wearable computers to help the blind 'see.'

Gift Ideas For Runners, Yogis, and Bikers

A last-minute holiday shopping guide for the health nut in your life.

Personalized Fresh Groceries, Delivered

Valley Green Feast hopes to start delivering locally grown produce to the Boston area in January.

Childhood Malnutrition Effects May Be Reversible, Study Says

A Boston University study reveals that malnutrition's cognitive effects are still temporary until age eight.

The Link Between Pesticides and Parkinson's

A new MIT study says that exposure to pesticides used in farming may increase risk for Parkinson's disease.

Roundup: Ice Skating In Boston

Burn calories and have fun with the whole family at these rinks.

Roundup: Juice Bars Near Boston

Where to get your juice or smoothie fix in Boston.

High School Dating Violence Rates Unchanged, Study Says

Boston University researchers found that dating violence rates has stayed steady since 1999.

New Funding For Alzheimer's Research

A Boston doctor and Alzheimer's expert received a $450,000 grant for his research.

The Cost Of Healthy Living

A Harvard study confirms that healthier foods cost significantly more per year.