The First Year in the Life of a Catholic Priest

Late May is usually Boston’s down period between college graduations (mid-May) and high school ones (June), but that respite was broken this past weekend at […]


Wired: Why Boston Needs Fiber

Why Boston needs to build its own fiber-optic Internet network—now.


Beyond the Book: A New Program Lets You Borrow iPads from the Boston Public Library

A new program will let you borrow iPads from the BPL.

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Free Fun Fridays 2013 Schedule – 60 Sites in Boston and Massachusetts Offering Free Admission This Summer

This is the 2014 schedule. Check out the 2014 Free Fun Fridays lineup. Five years ago, the Highland Street Foundation had a crazy, brilliant idea: […]


Bikers (and Drivers) in Boston: Stop Being So Reckless [UPDATED]

Update, 5:31 p.m.: This afternoon, Pete Stidman (of the Boston Cyclists Union) and Aaron Naparstek (of MIT’s City Design and Development group) pointed out to me […]


Boston City Hall Goes Google

Mayor Menino’s City Hall has been teased in the past for being old-fashioned—the city, after all, didn’t get voicemail until February—but lately has proved to […]


Boston’s City Hall Could Be Award-Winningly Innovative

This morning, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard’s Kennedy School announced the 25 finalists for their annual awards in Innovations in American Government. […]


Vocab Lesson: Irn-Bru

Where to find Scotland’s favorite soda in Boston.


The Philanthropy Power Players Behind One Fund Boston

Last Tuesday, just a day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Deval Patrick and Tom Menino announced the creation of The One Fund Boston. The goal: […]


Amanda Palmer Infuriates the Internet Again

On Sunday, musician/Internet-fundraising sensation/Lexington native Amanda Palmer chose to write what she must have imagined to be a moving piece for her blog. It’s called […]


Will Cheaper Office Space in Kendall Square Drive Innovation?

On Monday night, Cambridge approved some new zoning requirements for 26 acres of MIT property in Kendall Square. The big news is that the city […]


Why Arlington’s Rejection of Bike Lanes is Foolish

On Saturday, voters in Arlington proved themselves simultaneously foolish and shortsighted when they attempted to shut down a proposal for bike lanes on a one-mile […]


The Globe’s Spotlight Team Goes Hollywood

DreamWorks Studios announced on Tuesday that they had acquired the rights to a film exploring the Globe Spotlight Team’s investigation into the sex-abuse scandal in […]


Kennebunk Is Spared a Very Public, Very Sensational Trial

(Photo by Amy Root-Donle) On Friday, Alexis Wright—arguably the most infamous Zumba teacher in the country—pleaded guilty to 20 misdemeanors for the prostitution ring she […]


More than 136,000 Kids to Finally Experience New Boston Mayor

Mayor Tom Menino’s announcement that he won’t run for reelection got us thinking: How many kids in Boston have only known one mayor for their entire […]