Patrick Doyle'S latest stories

One Year As a Catholic Priest

Father Eric Cadin reflects on his first year.


Why Boston needs to build its own fiber-optic Internet network—now.

Beyond the Book

A new program will let you borrow iPads from the BPL.

60 Awesome Free Fun Fridays

Here's your summer field trip schedule.

Stop Being So Reckless, Cyclists [UPDATED]

New city data shows that bicyclists, not car drivers, are behind most of the accidents.

City Hall Goes Google

Smart move: Government workers are getting Gmail.

Boston City Hall's Innovation Could Win Awards

The mayor's app-loving tech office is a finalist in a prestigious contest from Harvard.

Vocab Lesson: Irn-Bru

Where to find Scotland’s favorite soda in Boston.

The Power Players Behind the One Fund

Crowd-sourcing and business leaders are driving an epic fundraising campaign.

Amanda Palmer Infuriates the Internet Again

With a poem to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.