Paul Kix'S latest stories

Did Romney Commit Voter Fraud?

Last year, he voted in Massachusetts — but may not have been living here at the time.

$100 Million in the Hole

The T didn't just discover its holy-hell mess — their failures have been known for years.

Boston Isn't Boston-y Enough, at Least for Movies

A new film about the Battle of Lexington and Concord won't be filmed here, and that's OK.

How Scared Should You Be of Cell Phones?

Exploring the risk, and whether or not it really outweighs the reward.

Boston's Gang Problem?

Yesterday's 1,000-person riot at Carson Beach was severe, but not the microcosm of a trend.

The Shocking Truth at the Judge Rotenberg Center

Considering the good in barbarity.

The Flip-Flopping, Unflappable Scott Brown

The Senator’s history of “independent thinking” is a pretty clever move.

The Herald is Right to be Angry at Obama

Banning reporters yesterday was a Nixonian move.

On Scott Brown's Lasell College Commencement Speech

It's not a campaign slogan to say Beacon Hill is corrupt.

Never Thought I'd Say This: I'm Proud of Mitt Romney

Yesterday's bold speech was a return to the Mitt that Massachusetts elected.