Rosemary Chandler'S latest stories

On Minting the Coin

Harvard Prof. Jeffrey Frankel explains the logic in a bizarre solution to the debt ceiling crisis.

Why Changes on Gun Control Are Unlikely

A BU public policy expert explains.

How You Should Have Played Powerball

Advice from a Boston College expert in gaming and lotteries.

How Soon Until Massachusetts Legalizes?

After medical marijuana passed, we could see a quick turn-around on efforts for recreational marijuana.

Boston Moves (a Little) for Health

The city is coming up short in Menino's Million Pound Challenge

Was the Atkins Diet On To Something?

A low-carb diet produces the greatest improvement in metabolism, according to a new study by Harvard Med School profs.

How Boston-Area Universities Stack Up

Which university would win if we awarded medals for the number of competitors in London?

This New iPhone Case Has a Stun Gun

Yep. Now your iPhone really can do it all (just not in Massachusetts).

Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

If your friends are overweight, then they might be, according to a recent scientific study.

Millennials: Losing Our Religion?

Not to worry. Boston College has an app for that.