Richard Chudy'S latest stories

Man Food: Szechuan's Dumpling

This newcomer makes a strong case for heading to suburbia for an evening.

Night Owl: The Abbey

At the bustling Washington Square hangout, the snacks can be hit-or-miss.

Man Food: TR Street Food

This stuffed pita sandwich is a street food force to be reckoned with.

Man Food: Chacarero

The namesake sandwich here is great, despite lackluster components.

Man Food: Coppa's Italian Grinder

Packed with a meaty trifecta, this sandwich might be one of our favorites.

Man Food: Tupelo

While the Inman Square spot screams "Southern Hospitality," the flavors often fall flat.

Night Owl: Deep Ellum in Allston

Long beer list? Check. Beer cheese and soft pretzels? Double check.

Man Food: Sa Pa Downtown

While the menu looks promising, the food doesn't yet deliver.

Man Food: The Off-Menu Burger at Drink

If you're looking for fast-food-style greatness, this is the place to be.

Night Owl: Late-Night Ramen at Uni

You'll have to wait up late for the ramen at Uni in Back Bay, but that's all part of the allure.