Richard Chudy'S latest stories

Man Food: Muqueca in Cambridge

Packed with cod and shrimp, the bubbling stew here is worth an order.

Man Food: Alive & Kicking Lobster in Cambridge

Bare-bones in the best way possible, these lobster-packed sandwiches are as good now as they are in July.

Taking on the X-Tudo at Modelo Bakery

At this Somerville dive, you'll get a whole lot of bang for your buck, particularly in the form of beyond fully-loaded burgers.

Man Food: Seven Subs

You've walked by this Coolidge Corner place countless times—but is it any good?

Night Owl: Lincoln Tavern

If you just go for drinks here, you'll be missing out on one of the best pies in town.

Man Food: Po' Boys

While the sandwiches here aren't as good as their NOLA counterparts, this tiny suburban shop warrants a visit.

Man Food: PotatoFreak in Somerville

The appetizing potato rostie doesn't live up to its description.

Man Food: Saus

The Double Cheddar Frikandel is a hot dog on steroids.

Man Food: All Star Pizza Bar

Toppings take priority over crust here, and we're totally fine with that.

Man Food: Meat Pies at Park

We used to be pot-pie haters. Until we tried Park's meat pies, that is.