Steve Annear

Staff Digital Writer

Steve Annear joined Boston as an online reporter after covering city news at the Metro newspaper and later, on the web for He started his career as a journalist with the Wicked Local newspapers and their online affiliates, beginning with a stint as editor/reporter of the Pembroke Mariner, before moving to the Newton and Brookline Tabs. A recipient of the 2011 Transportation Reporting award from the New England Newspaper and Press Association, Annear has spent a majority of his reporting days covering the MBTA. He graduated from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island with a B.A. in Journalism and Communications in 2006.

Steve Annear'S latest stories

Smoking Ban Will Be In Effect During Pot Rally

Those lighting up can face a $250 fine.

An Ax Came Through a Driver's Windshield

It almost hit the passenger in the vehicle.

Governor Signs New Abortion Clinic Bill Into Law

The state moved quickly to put protections in place for patients.

Firefighters Respond to East Boston Fire

It hit six alarms, and spread to multiple houses.

Sen. Markey's Plan to Help Heroin Addicts Might Be Flawed

Increasing access to certain treatments doesn't equate to higher recovery rates.

Another Bike Accident on Mass. Ave.

A Hubway cyclist was hit by a trash truck.

Trapped Tourist Boat Spends Night at Sea

It was supposed to be a three-hour tour. A three-hour tour.

City Councillor Wants to Talk About Uber Regulations

The time has come.

Cyclists: Cops Can Arrest You If You Don't Give Them Your Name

It's in the state's rulebook.

Protesters Plan Rally Against Proposed Pipeline

'Get the frack out of here!'