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The People Behind the "West Mass" Video Would Like to Explain

They say the much-discussed video was taken out of context.

The Central Square Target Is Taking Shape

It's slated to open March 8.

Boston Is Not Having Trump's New Transgender Student Policy

Leaders are speaking out, and a rally is planned for tonight.

Sonia, at the Old T. T. The Bear's Place, Is Almost Here

The brand-new venue is opening soon.

Important Questions for the Makers of the "West Mass" Video

Please help us understand.

Even Corey Lewandowski Says New Hampshire Voter Fraud Is Make-Believe

There were no buses of illegal voters, he says.

Bill Belichick Likes to Kick Back at Mar-a-Lago

He has a high-price membership at the president's exclusive club.

President Trump Might Send Scott Brown to New Zealand

He could become the ambassador to the island nation.

You Can Control These Lights on the Greenway by Texting

The popular phone-powered art installation has returned.

The Committee Focused on Changing the Marijuana Law Has Been Formed

A Senator who actually supports legalization has a key role.