Spencer Buell'S latest stories

Marijuana Billboards: They're Here

The first highway-side ads for cannabis have arrived in Massachusetts.

The Make Way for Ducklings Statues Just Turned 30


State Street's "Fearless Girl" Has a $5 Million Problem

An audit found the Boston-headquartered firm underpaid women and black executives.

Waltham Police Arrested a Suspect in a Series of Bomb Threats

Ryan Lin, 24, was allegedly responsible for "an extensive cyberstalking campaign."

Report: The Las Vegas Shooter Researched Boston

He reportedly had his eye on locations in Boston and Chicago.

Pro Athletes Made the Case for Marijuana in Boston

They want more people to see pot as a viable medical treatment.

Beer Distributor Has to Pay $2.6 Million Pay-to-Play Fine

It's a record-high punishment.

The Globe’s Old Building May Soon House Robots

And beer.

Massachusetts' Free Birth Control ACCESS Bill Has Support from Insurers

It would preserve contraceptive coverage even if Trump dumps it.

34 Cats from Hurricane-Ravaged St. John Have Arrived in Massachusetts

The MSPCA is seeking homes for dozens impacted by Hurricane Irma.