Sarah Dussault

Sarah Dussault is one of YouTube's most viewed fitness guru's of all time with over 115 million views and 100K subscribers to date. As a full time fitness YouTuber and blogger at, Dussault keeps busy running around Boston shooting videos and trying out the most popular fitness classes. She is also an on-air reporter for NESN's "Dirty Water TV". In 2012 she was named by Mashable, Teen Vogue and FabFitFun as one of the top 10 YouTube Fitness Gurus to follow. She has appeared in Women's Health, Men's Health, Glamour,, and Stuff @ Night as a 2011 "Bodies of Boston" honoree. Sarah has signed to do a targeted health, fitness and lifestyle book for McMillian publishing to be released in 2013. Check out Sarah's YouTube channel at . Twitter @SarahDussault.

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