S. I. Rosenbaum'S latest stories

The End of the Anthropocene

What do you do when you’re over 80 and still at the top of your game?

The Power of Ideas: Hashim Sarkis

The new dean of MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning wants to find new ways to talk about urban space.

The Art of Medicine

Brigham and Women’s 'Humanistic Curriculum’ is connecting doctors to art.

Getting In Character

Cosplayers are bringing their costume A-game to Boston Comic Con this weekend.

Did Dracula Have It Right?

According to new research at Harvard, the blood of the young might increase your longevity.

How to Be an Egghead

The host of the Harvard Conference on Public Intellectuals shares four qualities a person needs to be considered a public intellectual.

Florida State Attorney Clears FBI in Death of Ibragim Todashev

'He was, at his core, a fearless fighter.'

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

A drone-making workshop lands in Boston.

Thrill of the Hunt

MIT's Mystery Hunt is the hardest puzzle challenge in the world.

The Boston Arm

Boston has a history of leading innovation in prosthetics.