Best of Boston

BEST Pastry

2010 BEST Pastry, Shop

Cafe Vanille


Boston doesn’t have many patisseries, and our bakeries feel like coffee spots that just happen to have cinnamon buns and cupcakes. Café Vanille, however, seems like a French pastry shop that just happens to serve espresso and tea. One look… read more»

1999 BEST Pastry, Shop

Maria’s Pastry Shop


Yes, we love the biscotti (and the heavenly hazelnut meringues) at Biscotti’s, made by a strapping soccer-playing lad from Salerno (95 Salem Street, Boston, 617-227-8365). But on North End pastry expeditions, we head to Maria’s Pastry Shop, where Maria Merola… read more»

1996 BEST Pastry, Cuban

Panificadora “La Sisegoza”


There are trays of exotic sweets here, including our favorite, the guayaba empanada—a cream-cheese pastry filled with tangy homemade guava puree. We also like the rice pudding, perfect and creamy, sprinkled with cinnamon. read more»

1996 BEST Pastry, Danish

Carberry’s Bakery and Coffee House


The secret ingredient in Carberry’s Danish pastries: almond paste, kneaded into the buttery, flaky dough. They are oversize and come in several flavors, such as sour cherry, cheese, raspberry, and vanilla cream. read more»

1982 BEST Pastry, Chinese

Ho Yuen Bakery


A Chinatown find. Exquisite pastries and dumplings. read more»

1976 BEST Pastry

The Old Amsterdam Café


A breathtaking selection of old and new world pastries. The American Diabetes Association has rated this place “X.” read more»

1975 BEST Pastry, Italian

The Caffe Roma


Babas, cannolis, and paraginas that would make an angel weep. read more»