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BEST Cheesecake

1978 BEST Cheesecake

Andy Seplow


Andy Seplow, part-time owner of a limited catering service called L’Alliance Pate, makes a firm, toothsome cheesecake based on cream cheese, sour cream, and ground almonds. It’s available regularly at Peasant Stock, the Stock Pot, and Malben’s Gourmet. read more»

1977 BEST Cheesecake



Back in 1971, Dave Rowinsky’s pièce de résistance was called Mustard Kup cheesecake, after the Cambridge deli where he worked and baked. The name was unappetizing, but the cheesecake was sublime; Rowinsky’s fans once picketed a deli that employed him… read more»

1976 BEST Cheesecake

Papillon of Coolidge Corner


A cake so creamy and cheesy, it makes Baby Watson’s seem measly; seductively marbled with sweet chocolate. read more»

1975 BEST Cheesecake

Baby Watson’s Bakery


So creamy and cheesy that Masters & Johnson have certified it as a sensual experience. New Yorkers come here to eat it. read more»

1974 BEST Cheesecake



Deli-Sound on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston has a cake which is flown in special form New York and costs only 65 cents. If you get bored with oral gratification, you can tickle your aural fancy with any of the eight-track… read more»