Best of Boston

BEST Cafe, sidewalk

1985 BEST Cafe, Sidewalk

Harvard Bookstore Café


Literature, decent food, and the most chic street in town. read more »

1983 BEST Cafe, Sidewalk

Mills Falls Restaurant


Beautiful bucolic setting, fine food. read more »

1981 BEST Cafe, Sidewalk

Ben’s Café, Maison Robert


Old City Hall never had it so good. Not only is the setting a bit of peace amid the downtown hubub, but the Café itself is an escape from the stuffy, formal service of the rest of the establishment. read more »

1980 BEST Cafe, Sidewalk

Ben’s Café at Maison Robert


Attractive patio. We like it more than the restaurant itself. read more »

1979 BEST Cafe, Sidewalk

The Flower Garden Café


Another Ben and Jane Thompson production. Good soups, various coffee drinks, and a continental breakfast in Design Research—like setting from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Great service puts it over the top. read more »