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BEST Athlete, patriots player

1986 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Andre Tippett

<p>Dick Butkus.</p> <p>That’s who linebacker Andre Tippett brings to mind, says Dick Shinnick, the Patriots’ linebacker coach. “His impact on a game is Butkus’s.”</p> <p>Tippett, a 26-year-old black belt in karate who finished his fourth year in the National Football… read more»

1985 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Steve Nelson

The linebacker had an inspiring season despite his injury. read more»

1983 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Mark Henderson, the Ex-Con Snowplow Driver

There’s one gimmick the USFL will never match. It doesn’t snow during their season. read more»

1982 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

John Hannah

Through a long, lost season he shouldered both his team and his reputation, and neither of them down. read more»