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BEST Athlete, patriots player

1986 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Andre Tippett

<p>Dick Butkus.</p> <p>That’s who linebacker Andre Tippett brings to mind, says Dick Shinnick, the Patriots’ linebacker coach. “His impact on a game is Butkus’s.”</p> <p>Tippett, a 26-year-old black belt in karate who finished his fourth year in the National Football… read more»

1984 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Tony Collins

A breakaway runner who’s getting better every year. read more»

1983 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

Mark Henderson, the Ex-Con Snowplow Driver

There’s one gimmick the USFL will never match. It doesn’t snow during their season. read more»

1982 BEST Athlete, Patriots Player

John Hannah

Through a long, lost season he shouldered both his team and his reputation, and neither of them down. read more»