Best of Boston

BEST Health Food

1987 BEST Health Food

Open Sesame Macrobiotic Restaurant


From hummus to vegetarian lasagna to sushi and noodles. read more »

1985 BEST Health Food

Five Seasons

Jamaica Plain

Out of the way but worth a look. read more »

1983 BEST Health Food

Seventh Inn Restaurant


Moved out of Park Square, but still quality all the way. read more »

1982 BEST Health Food

Seventh Inn


Serving chicken now, too. Great couscous. But why won’t they open for lunch? read more »

1980 BEST Health Food, Restaurant

Seventh Inn


Favorite eating place of performers, from Celtics players to Combat Zone strippers. read more »

1979 BEST Health Food, Junk Food

Nectar Pies


Nectar Pies, the class version of Eskimo Pies, available for fifty-nine cents at health-food stores far and wide (try the General Nutrition Center, 361 Boylston St., Boston). Our favorite is the Mocha Pie—natural mocha ice cream between two granola cookies,… read more »