Best of Boston


2007 BEST Club, DJ Music

River Gods


Venture into this fancifully cluttered hole in the wall and you’re just as likely to hear early ’80s hip-hop set to a break-dance movie as you are a Bloc Party B-side. The DJs, who perch in an alcove above the… read more»

2007 BEST Club, General

The Enormous Room


While college kids and out-of-towners wait in line downtown for their overpriced martinis and bland playlists, hipsters hit Central Square for a much more appealing kind of scene. The Enormous Room is actually anything but: long, narrow, and brick-walled, full… read more»

2000 BEST Club, Low-End

Phoenix Landing


You’re only as old as you feel, so throw on some track pants and a baby-tee and join the high-energy kids at this “alternative Irish bar.” After midnight, the Phoenix transforms itself into the hottest dance club on the left… read more»

1999 BEST Club, New Scene



With city club kids being the jet setters they are, it was only a matter of time before the cross-pollination yielded a scene straight out of South Beach. Now Venu—with its pastel interior and art deco design—could impress Miami club… read more»

1995 BEST Club, Rock

Mama Kin

The Aerosmith-inspired Lansdowne Street club is the latest addition to the Lyons empire. A word of advice—it’s loud in here. read more»

1993 BEST Club, Blues

The Yard Rock Cafe


That’s right—with a Y. It’s in Joe’s Pub, across form the Quincy Shipyard’s main gate, and its regulars describe it as an “excellent little hideaway,” a “wicked great bar,” and a nurturing setting for local blues acts. read more»

1993 BEST Club, Twentysomething

Generation X, Thursday nights only, at Quest


Stupid name, but otherwise the hot scene for the postcollege sub-boomer. Three levels of dancing, plus a roof deck where attractive waitrons serve sundaes, hot dogs, and other patio food. Up there you can actually hold a conversation. read more»

1991 BEST Club, Folk



A little slice of history, with a consistent lineup of fine folksingers. It still does its best. read more»

1990 BEST Club, Membership

The L Street bathouse’s men’s side

South Boston

Beautifully renovated gym with solarium, beach, steamroom, and sauna—for $10 a year! read more»

1990 BEST Club, Blues

Harper’s Ferry


The South Side of Chicago meets the west side of Boston in a relaxed club where the covers are merciful, the drinks are cheap, and the best local and national up-and-comers wail into the wee hours, seven nights a week. read more»