Best of Boston

BEST TV, anchor

1994 BEST TV, Anchor

R.D. Sahl

He defines a new type of anchor, who never gets in the way of the news. read more»

1988 BEST TV, Anchor

R. D. Sahl, Channel 7

His glasses, receding hairline, and crooked teeth are unusual for a local anchor, and so is one other thing: he’s good—especially in live interviews and breaking situations. He could be Channel 7’s ticket to credibility. read more»

1986 BEST TV, Anchor

Liz Walker

<p>As if further approbation were needed, Liz Walker—the prime-time weeknight co-anchor (with Jack Williams) on Channel 4’s news—got that reinforcement in early June. The Boston audience report for May showed that WBZ’s 11 p.m. newscast finished first in both the… read more»

1985 BEST TV, Anchor

Jack Hynes, Channel 56

The show’s ratings are up, and the 10 p.m. slot becomes more appealing as cable and VCRs throw traditional viewing patterns out the window. And Hynes is terrific. read more»

1984 BEST TV, Anchor

Jack Williams, Channel 4

When Williams began, he seemed like another Ted Baxter. Now he seems as aware of what he does as a Ted Knight. read more»

1982 BEST TV, Anchor

Mary Richardson, Channel 5

Not even a baby slowed her down. The best in field, and no friend of Kevin White. read more»

1981 BEST TV, Anchor

John Henning, formerly of Channel 7

When Henning got frustrated by his small audience and reduced exposure, he quit. That’s what we like about him: smart. read more»