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BEST Intentions

1999 BEST Intentions

New Repertory Theatre

The Newton theater tried to jump on the Titanic bandwagon by staging Scotland Road, a brainsteaser about a survivor of the disaster. It turned out to be brain dead. read more»

1995 BEST Intentions

Former Republican Senate candidate John Lakian’s.

Asked during a debate sponsored by the Boston Herald whether he intended to make an issue of his opponent’s religious beliefs, Lakian insisted that he would have no comment on “Mr. Mormon…I have never in a debate brought up Mr…. read more»

1989 BEST Intentions


For his Fourth of July dinner with Jesse Jackson. Who would ever have imagined that Jesse wouldn’t like poached salmon? Obviously nobody from Brookline. read more»

1986 BEST Intentions

Hale & Dorr’s

At the behest of U. S. senator John F. Kerry, the prestigious Boston law firm agreed to provide free legal counsel to Quincy shipyard workers who opted for early retirement. Unfortunately, the pro bono offer was not extended to laid-off… read more»