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1989 BEST Moment


The day that Channels 4 and 5 end months of slavish campaign coverage and declare their independence from would-be president Michael Dukakis by slam-dunking his request for five minutes of free airtime at 6 p.m. to explain his tax proposals…. read more »

1989 BEST Moment


It’s the first play of the Patriots-Bears game. Flutie drops back and lofts the ball down the sideline to Irving Fryar for an 80-yard-touchdown. Bears go into shock; Pats go on to avenge Super Bowl trouncing. read more »

1987 BEST Moment, in Boston Journalism

There were so many of them, right? But if we had to choose, it was the night a grinch at the Globe scratched a mustache on a news photo of Governor Dukakis. Either that, or when Globe reporter Bella English… read more »