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2002 BEST Quote, Three-Way Tie

Tom Menino

“Most of those homicides were inside buildings.”—Tom Menino finding the silver lining in the rise in Boston’s murder rate. “I did those two years when I was very young, very young.”—Menino inexplicably defending in term in junior college. “Our intelligent… read more»

2001 BEST Quote

“This is not about me.”

—Tom Finneran, after he was voted Speaker for Life. read more»

2001 BEST Quote, from an FBI Agent

“What do you want from me, tears?”—Paul Rico

No, how about going back in time and reversing a nefarious, immoral deal with a bunch of psychopathic Mob goons who piled up dead bodies under the noses of their FBI handlers? Okay, tears will be fine. read more»

1999 BEST Quote

“A merger of equals”

The party line at both Fleet Financial and BankBoston, after their, ahem, consolidation. Some merger—most of the top slots went to the Fleet elite. read more»

1999 BEST Quote, Ripped from a Hit Movie

“You can’t handle the truth.”

Governor Paul Cellucci (channeling Jack Nicholson’s megalomaniacal Marine colonel in A Few Good Men) to Scott Harshbarger during the final gubernatorial debate. Better yet: “Failure is not an option.” Connecticut Governor John Rowland (channeling Ed Harris’ cool NASA ground-control astronaut… read more»

1999 BEST Quote, Ripped from a Hit Movie

“It’s now official. I am a New York Jets fan.”

Rowland, after Kraft croaked the deal. read more»

1989 BEST Quote

“With all due respect… I still don’t think you get it.”

Ted Koppel to Dukakis on “Nightline.” read more»

1988 BEST Quote

“They had their chance, and they know it. We’ll win tomorrow. I guarantee it.”

Larry Bird the day before the seventh game of the Eastern Conference semifinal against Atlanta. read more»